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When I am not actively writing stories, I like to take part in tabletop role play. Running a role play game is just a different form of storytelling. With the hat of “Evil GM“, I write about gaming. Most of that writing falls under the TPK category. TPK posts are encounter ideas, items, and other role play bits and bobs designed to keep players on their toes.


TPK started when I came to see that a good GM should actually create encounters where the party could (but probably will not) all fail. The idea behind this is simple – a game session can feel orders of magnitude more “epic” when the risk feels real. As a counterbalance to that, I have also written about how to save your party from an actual TPK if you discover that you have gone too far.

Specific guides

TPK currently covers two game systems:

  1. Pathfinder – you will find the party data editor here.
  2. Story Skills System (S3) – pending.
  3. Dungeons and Dragons 5e – pending.

Pathfinder is a system created by Pazio and S3 is a system I am designing.

Blog categories

TPK and Evil GM content are set out as follows:

Evil GM and the TPK Forum

I have created a dedicated group on Author Buzz UK for the TPK adventures and discussing RPGs and GMing in general. You can find it here. We also have a GMing forum.


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