Legend: Reading Guide

Legend is a story in progress that I have been publishing in serial form on the site. This is a guide to the story and the discussions around it.

The story of legend follows Malial, a boy who sets out to rescue his family when they are taken by an evil lord. With only faith, righteousness, and a big stick, he must take on wizards and kings. He encounters magic, ghosts, witches, and all the other things found in folk stories.

Legend: Chapter Guide

Each “chapter” is designed to be about the right size to read during a coffee break.

  1. Malial
  2. Mushrooms
  3. Mermaid’s Purse
  4. The Dive
  5. Mermaid
  6. Throne Room
  7. [coming soon]

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Legend: Key Blog Posts

Some of the announcement blog posts that I make give you insights not found in the story itself. There are no spoilers here unless you are really not up to date, then, maybe. I’ve included them here for the completionists among you.

Believe it or not, for a pure fantasy story Legend has a lot of solid research behind it. As the story starts to unfold, I plan to write about some of that because I am a total geek and find that sort of thing interesting.

Legend: Prophecy and predictions (spoilers)

As the story unfolds Malial will encounter a fair few of these. On the whole, these are huge hints about the story to come. Feel free to discuss your theories in the Author Buzz forums. I’m not going to say if you are right or not (you will find out in due time) but I will read everything to see if anyone gets close.

For fairness sake, I will put the list of predictions on a separate page. I will add a link to this page when it is ready.

Read the guide to all the prophecy and prediction so far

Legend: Have you read it?

Have you read Legend? What do you think? I really want to get as much feedback as possible. It should come as no surprise that (as a result of this desire) there is a whole host of ways you can tell me what you think, point out mistakes, make suggestions, and all that.

Read Legend.

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