Jackson Dent is a universal prime. A Jack or Jackie or Jackson or some variant thereof can be found in every world. Or his corpse can.

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Jack List

Here are a few Jacks we have met. This list includes Jacks from other works, unpublished works, and ideas that may never see the light of day.

“Let’s just say that Jack’s are hard to replace,” said sober Doc.

Jack Dent of Earth 2749.108300…

This Jack moved into a house occupied by Doc Landreth and a cat called Normal. His life became considerably more complicated after that.

Jackie Denton, Squeeble Detective

Jackie is one of the big slow things that helps squeebles with people problems and sometimes, though rarely, people with squeeble problems.

Jackie lives in the small seaside town of Westgate-upon-sea where she is widely regarded (in as much as she is noted at all) as a slightly dotty old woman who talks to herself. Which, if you think about it is perfectly normal as most people cannot see who she is talking to.

Jackson Dent, shelf stacker, (Unknown Earth)

His life was simple and boring. Then one day refugees from a doomed timeline showed up and made it complicated.

Captain Jack

A captain in an army made up of Jacks. Don’t ask, things get complicated.

See also Jacks and Jacks of just about every other rank too. There are rather a lot of them.

Jackson Dent of the glade

Gifted with world walking abilities by the sap of the glade. This Jackson dent vanished with a number of druids in the 1960s and has not been seen since.

Jackson Dent, Vampire

It is probably safe to say that this Jack’s is not a world you want to visit. 2749.108’s Jacks narrowly avoided going there in 2016.

A special historical note of interest to no-one-at-all is that this was the first ever Jack this author wrote about.

Danny Jackson

A leaf on the wind. Fate seems to have her own plans regarding this strange Jack.

The Warren > Jack-opedia