Primes are a universal truth found in the multiverse. There are many different types of prime of which Jack is one type.

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Primes are people too

This quote from the current draft of “Chapter 42” is where Doc explains about primes – as he understands them, anyway.

“Don’t get me wrong, Jack,” said Doc. “We’re not special or anything. There are a lot of primes – personalities that just repeat endlessly. Me and you are part of a set of primes, Jack. A set. We were always going to find each other. I’m a super genius while you are some sort of constant-prime which, and I don’t say this lightly, is something that I don’t really understand.”

“A set?” Jack asked, latching on to one word that he actually understood.

“Yeah, Jack. A set,” said Doc. “You’ve got your famous sets obviously, the good primes, the sexy primes, the lucky primes, the safe primes-”

“The long-winded primes,” suggested Normal.

“Some primes are important,” belched Doc, “like the Higgs Primes and the Super Primes, but we’re nothing like that. Do you know what they call us Jack? They call us the irregular primes also known as the unstable primes.”

Common Primes


Jack is a complex prime. So much so, that he/she/they has/have/had their/his/her/its own index… It’s complicated.

The prime Dave

Dave is that next-door neighbour that no one wants. He shows up in the life of one particular prime Jack.

The prime Dave is a universal constant. He lives blissfully unaware that everyone he ever meets would like him to fall under a bus. If Dave Chippy was a gay porn film he would have had all the homoerotic undertones of a side salad and be about as titillating as old rice pudding. The only thing about Dave that it was possible to enjoy was his prolonged absence.


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The Warren > Primes