TPK Adventures (Pathfinder)

TPK Pathfinder is a series of encounters that are designed to be thrown into existing campaigns. They can be used in place of random encounters or to build up a sub-plot within an existing campaign or adventure path.

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TPK Encounters

TPK encounters for pathfinder use a number of recurring unseen menaces. The most common of which is the cowardly Scar Goblin. You can read more about Scar’s goblin and their tactics here.

The following encounters have been published for your reading pleasure.

I have several more encounters planned and drafted ready to go but WordPress has not been playing ball when it comes to future-dated posts. With my erratic sleep schedule, it can take all week before I am awake at a time when manually pushing out a post is viable. Just trust that I am getting there and will push them out eventually.

Edit your party stats

This form appears on most TPK pathfinder adventures is used to customise that encounter to make sure it remains hard (but fun) for your party. For more about this form (and how it is used), see this guide.

Party Best Values

Character Stats

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Other Stats

Best AC
party size

You may wish to obtain the Pathfinder Core Rule Book if you want to make best use of Pathfinder TPK modules.

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