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Most of the time, what I post on Tumblr stays on Tumblr. This time, however, I’m posting it here too.

Molly the catI would like to introduce you to a new Tumblr blog that I have recently started – Amused Geek. It is part mood board for things that inspire me to write “that story with the cat in it” and part geeky mash-up of stuff I love with a few photos of my cat thrown in for good measure. If I am honest, things that I love, my cat, and things that inspire my story are all roughly the same category.

If you want to see a lot of Douglas Adams quotes, Hitchhickers Guide references, time travel theories, space scenes, Groot, and the odd Doctor Who GIF, this blog is definitely for you. Amused Geek is unabashed fandom, Sci-Fi nerdiness, and cheesy genre love.

In short, it is a nerdy love letter to the fun side of sci-fi. I might even post a few quotes from my novel to see how people react to them.

Follow Amused Geek if you are on Tumblr at all.



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