What I have been doing these last few weeks

You might have noticed that I have not updated any of my stories. I will not apologise for that (unless I start getting lots of lovely comments). What I will do is tell you what I have been up to.

Chimpanzee seated at typewriterIt might be quicker to write a list of the things I have not been doing but keeping it mostly story related, here goes.

I have mostly been writing.

When I say mostly writing, I mean all the writing related things that are not actually writing.

I have found a great new beta reader so a novel that is approaching last draft status is getting a good going over. Beta readers are a rare and valuable thing, especially good ones.

I have been planning stories but I have not been selling the stories I already have, which I would like to do. They are ready to submit and I have no idea what is holding me back.

One thing I should be doing but have not yet done is a whole heap of copywriting for a friend. I promised to get that done ages ago and they have been very kind about the delays. While a lot of the delay was health related I could have tried harder. I could always have tried hard. The story of my life that.

I have not forgotten you few folks that read my work. Fresh chapters exist. I wrote them a long time ago and only need to post them. The story with the cat in it, that’s the size of a novella already.

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