NaNoWriMo Going Swimmingly

This has never happened before – my NaNoWriMo is going swimmingly and I am on schedual to have a full sized novel finished by the end of the month.

Furthermore, I feel good about this, have roughly six or seven possible sequels I could write (this setting has a lot of work that I have put in). Moreover, there looks like very little pos draft replumbing of the story will be needed.

In the past I have hit 75,000 words but had poor feedback about the opening, hit 50,000 and not known how to finish, hit 150,000 only to wind up feeling that the whole thing was a disjointed mess, and – by and large – not been happy with the end result.

This time I am.

So either I have finally reached a point of self delusion or I may actually have a manuscript I can show to agents.

In addition to early feedback saying that the comedy elements are seriously amusing (and a possitive comparison to Sir Terry Pratchett) I have nevertheless been able to address some serious issues as well. This, I feel, gives the story some depth that is often lacking even in books I have absolutely loved.

Next stop, trying to bring my world building up to Brandon Sanderson’s level. Never stop trying to improve.

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