NaNoWriMo success story (ish)

I’m feeling very good about this year’s NaNoWriMo. It’s the 21st and I am one good writing session away from 50,000 words. With a bit of effort, I should hit 75.000 by the end of the month.

More importantly, I feel confident that with a bit of editing (especially on the middle section) I could have a solid novel to shop arround to agents.

The story stars one Danny Jackson, a character I invented for a bit part in another series. that needs a bit more work to be ready to show to agents. By this time next year I could, if I work really hard, have four draft novels ready to show agents.

All I have to do is get to the editing stage.

All, he says. All? I find the editing bit very hard. I tend to write another rather than edit. So next year I am dubbing the year of learning how to edit like a pro.

I will probably blog the heck out of whatever I learn next year (about editing). I’m going to be reviewing a lot of advice ont eh subject and finding out what works for me. A whole new skill set to learn.

Wish me luck.

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