Out now: Legend Chapter 6

After something of a long break, which is entirely down to me being distracted, I have published chapter 6 of Legend.

The chapter has been ready since before chapter 5 was released and yet, life, and stuff. In this chapter, we meet the King of the Undersea People. Malial is no closer to escaping the undersea world at the start of this chapter (only a spoiler if you have not been keeping up).

Like the chapters that came before it, and pretty much every chapter yet to come, this chapter is designed to be read on a coffee break. If you have not been keeping up, or not read Legend at all, then, first of all, I apologise for the mild spoiler. Here’s a reading guide to Legend. The guide also has links to articles that explain some of the background to the story including some of the facts and myths that are found within the published chapters.


A legend is nothing without some good, old-fashioned, prophecies. There is a list of all the “prophecies” so far in the guide. As these are a big feature of the story and the way in which they do (or do not) unfold as you might expect I figured it would be fun to track them all. Feel free to speculate endlessly about what they mean.

By “feel free”, I mean fill my blog with comments and fan theories so I know I am not talking to myself.

Spoilers ahead if you have not been keeping up

Chapter 5 ended with:

She led him away but, although she was helping, their destination was a dark, dark path.

Chapter 6 starts with a path of lights. See if you can figure out what chapter five was talking about. That’s me daring you, by the way.

Comment with your speculation and let me know what you think.

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