Short and Scary Stories

Sometimes I like to write scary stories. Usually, they are pretty short.

Rather than start a new “story” each time I want to share a short I have created a new collection called “Anthology of Madness“. Most of those short stories have a twist and some of them are a bit creepy, weird, or outright scary. The inside of a writer’s brain is a scary place to live.

Not-so-scary introduction

The first chapter is called “Introduction”. That’s not a story. That’s just me warning you that if you are of a sensitive disposition then these are not the stories you are looking for.

I will probably go back and expand the introduction as I add more stories to the collection.

The first scary story

The first story is called “When it Stops“.

When it Stops was written in the last few years as part of one of my very infrequent participations in online socially judged writing contests. The brief was a short scary story set in space.

When it Stops did not win. However, it did receive some very high praise which in retrospect I am 90% certain was utterly sincere. And it was widely agreed to be quite scary. Which is saying something given the whole thing is shorter than a single side of A4.

When it Stops was the first story I have written where someone approached me asking to make a movie. The person, who I have to say I never actually met, was very keen on the idea of being allowed to write a script treatment. I gave him my blessing. The plan was, should the treatment work out, to use Kickstarter to fund the filming of the script where it would then be shown at a film festival.

The film has not been made but, you know, it was a big deal just being asked and that buzz of other people loving my work was amazing. I hope that you find When it Stops to be at least a little spooky. Please let me know what you think. There are more in a similar vein if you liked it.

Want more?

I’m going to level with you. I plan to publish a few more of my scary short stories in the anthology. If you like them, say so, and I will edit and publish much more swiftly.

What I am saying is – I like comments. Comments make me publish faster. Don’t be scared to give your feedback (good and bad).

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