Fictional Invective

Some of you might recall that I shared a working version of The Fictional Dictionary of Bad Language. A collection of mostly made up swears and insults that could be of use where real swears are not right for your audience or setting.

You can read a short collection of invented invective here. If you look carefully you will see a link to an older edition of the dictionary. I have added substantially to it since that edition went out.

Moreover, I have created a community space on Author Buzz for fans of the made up swears and amusing rudeness. It is a private group (link at the end) which will get updates about dictionary releases.

The group is the only place where you can offer corrections or request additions. It is also the easiest place where you can share usage of my words in the wild (or your own work if you’d like a shout out in future editions).

Join the private group to stay up to date.

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