TPK: Kill your players

This is a TPK post by Matthew the Evil GM. This encounter is designed to expose players to a risk of a dead character. TPK posts are partly generated and may not be the same the next time you refresh the page. The specifics are generated from your data and a seed. If you want to see changes, give the TPK a shuffle.

Party Best Values

Character Stats

STR (0)
DEX (0)
CON (0)
INT (0)
WIS (0)
CHA (0)

Other Stats

Best AC
party size

TPK is a collection of self-varying, auto-adjusting, curve-ball encounters for evil GMs to throw at their players. This page was generated using a seed of 1713484602.

Examples of saves

  • An easy STR roll would be DC 11 based on a STR Bonus of 0
  • A moderate Will roll DC 18
  • A hard Fort save DC 24

Examples of percent % chances

  • 10 is a low percent
  • 20 is a moderate percent
  • 55 is a high percent

Percents round to the nearest 5%

Random from list

Given a list of three things – say Apples, Oranges, and Bananas, this seed would select Oranges this time.

Now go and use this for things.

This TPK encounter is for Pathfinder and other DnD 3.5 rules based games. For other systems some adaption may be needed.

Seed: 1713484602 (shuffle)

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