Mad Science presents: Liquidised gluons

A proposed item for the Story Skills System: Mad Science setting.

Liquidised gluons

It takes 12 matching glueballs to make half a litre of liquidised gluons. This is an unstable state and will evaporate instantly without a liquid gluon container.

Cost: Not sold

To Make Liquidised gluons (1/2 Litre)

Learning the recipe for liquidised gluons of any particular type requires a Knowledge of Mad Science (Recall) of CL4/DR5.


  • 12 Glueballs
  • Liquid gluon container


  • A smoothie maker – Liquidising (tools) CL1/DR6

Skills check

A Knowledge of Gadgets (Recall) of CL3/DR5 is needed to use the equipment correctly. Any failed skills check for tools use wastes all the ingredients.

Liquidising gluons takes about two minutes. Try not to blow yourself up.


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