Matt answers questions about writing

Have you ever wanted to ask writers questions about writing? 

If so, you are in luck. Author Buzz UK has an entire forum for asking questions and getting answers. Yours truly hangs out there and tries to come up with the best possible answers to questions.

I don’t pretend to know everything about writing. No one should. However, I do love talking about writing. I also love going away and learning new things.

So if you would like to find something out about the craft of making stuff up and writing it down, ask me questions.

Some of the questions that have been asked so far have led to great blog posts. For example this question: “How do you stop people stealing your ideas?” led to this post:

Relax, no one is going to steal your ideas

Ask me a writing question on Author Buzz UK.

What types of questions?

I will try to answer any question you ask. So long as it is about writing in some way.

My favourite topics are character development and plot flow. I love talking about these two areas of storytelling.

I talk about the specifics of writing a lot for the Thanet Creative blog. Which you should definitely check out if you love writing (or come from Thanet). I touch on character development and plot flow a lot.

Some of my favourite topics that we have covered so far include:

In fact, making “out of character” moments be “in character” moments is such a fascinating area that I could write about little else if given half a chance.

Ask me a writing question on Author Buzz UK.

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