I just don’t know

This post will not have much by way of answers (as if the title “I just don’t know” didn’t give that away). There will, quite likely, be a bunch of questions.

The reason being is that this post is just me trying to figure myself out.

I truly tiny minority (Hi, Dave) may have noticed that Nerdy Wordy has not had a new video in some time. That’s not for want of recording footage. I’ve got about three videos sitting on a computer purchased for editing and only editing. But I have just let them sit there. I do not know why I have done that.

Some of that might be because I am naturally lazy. Ask anyone that knows me, I will go to great lengths to enable myself to do slightly more with slightly less effort. I don’t know why – I’m just like that.

The thing is, even at lazy editing speed and with a lacklustre level of production values, those videos should have gone out months ago. I don’t know why they have not gone up.

This morning, I thought to myself, “today I will edit videos”. To start doing that I need to press two buttons. Those two buttons switch my keyboard, my mouse, and my monitor to the editing PC. Odds are I could probably set up a remote desktop and do the whole thing without even pressing the buttons. If I could be bothered.

What I do know is that the thought of the editing process seems bigger and more intimidating the longer I leave it. At a guess, I’d say that about 2 human beings on the planet want to see my videos and they would both forgive me for uploading badly edited rubbish.

I just don’t know but I think the reason I am even writing this post is to remind myself that I’m okay at editing and it is no harder than all the other times I’ve edited. Perhaps this post was just a way for me to recognise that I’ve let an overdue task grow into an intimidating monster.

It seems to have worked. Maybe.

Update: Yes it did!

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