No-Level RPG system

As a bit of an RPG geek, it was only a matter of time until I tried my hand at designing a system of my own.

The idea of this system was to create an RPG system that was flexible and had no XP levelling system at all. It should allow the players to focus on telling a story rather than tracking a lot of stats.

Everything can be skills based, and the swords will be realistic, I thought. Should only run to twenty of so pages.

Everything is realistic, the system is easy to understand. Running to just 20 pages this RPG does not. You could explain the core concepts in about two pages but bt the time I fleshed those out. Added suggested setups for hero styles, classes (not at all what you think they are), jobs, backgrounds, magic, religions, gods, items, examples, and so forth. It now runs to 50 pages.

I just wrote a 50 page RPG in three days. That’s more than 16 pages a day!

What now for this RPG?

First things first. I need to get some paper, some fice and see if all the different settings work and are balanced. Then I need to get some friends round for a playtest.

If the playtest goes well then I will look at publishing it.

Of course, publishing means sourcing art which I never much enjoy doing. So the game needs to be a lot of fun. I think it will be but we will see.


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