Was 2019 a fair election?

We are all now waking up to the realisation that the 2019 election was won by the Conservatives with all that implies. Was the 2019 election fair though?

I will make the case that it was not even slightly fair.

I took the total votes cast for the eight main parties and divided that by the number of seats it brought them. This gives the cost per seat in the number of votes (rounded to the nearest whole number).

Cost per seat by political party as an average of votes to seat ratio

For the visual thinkers among you, here is that data in chart form.

Now, you tell me. Was the 2019 election fair?

Why do some parties need orders of magnitude more votes to get a seat? How come the conservatives (who got the most) needed so few votes per seat?

Am I the only one who feels that something is really off about this?


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