What’s new: Publications and Submissions

This post is an update on what is new with me focusing on publications and submissions.

It only seems moments ago that I published my list of crazy life goals. Now I have some early success to report back on.

Big sci-fi publications and submissions

I have submitted a short story to a TTA Press publication, Interzone. It is the second such submission I have ever sent them – the last was two years ago. Interzone is Britains longest running Sci-Fi magazine so getting published there is something of a minor ambition for me. Not quite a Crazy Goal ambitious but still an ambition nevertheless.

On a similar scale, I have been putting off another submission. This time to Clarkesworld. Clarkesworld is an American publication which pays much better (even when the exchange rate is against me) but is very demanding with the rights they ask for. Like many US publications, they demand First World English Serial Rights whereas I would normally want to sell First North American Serial Rights (so I can also sell First British Serial Rights). I can tell you, the beta for the Story Tracker is earning its place on my computer.

The hidden value of British pubs

While this is not on the same scale as Clarkesworld and Interzone, I have had an opinion piece accepted by an award winning hyperlocal news site and I am pretty chuffed about that. (Rightly so, I think).


What’s next?

To be honest, I have not thought that far ahead (in any detail). I imagine that hearing back from publishers is going to be a feature of my life. I will probably send out more stories to more great publications.

I also have a few more opinion pieces planned. Some will be written for my own blogs, and some for other people’s.

What’s new with you?

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