Goodbye calm; hello chaos

The relative calm of my writing space has been disrupted this week.

I mean, sure, the work needed to be done. And yes, the walls were crying out for fresh paper. Even so, the amount of writing I have done this week has been well below my average.

I have to say though, despite really not enjoying the process itself the potential improvements are quite exciting.

New geek den and vlogging space

VloggingThe big change (as shown by the equally bad mobile phone snap) is the creation of a space where I can sit and film videos.

You can see Molly, my cat, inspecting the work in progress.

No, the pink curtains are not staying.

If anyone wants to join me in making some video blogs please do shout. The space is almost ready to use.

As for my living room (where I write)…

DIYWell, that’s not looking much good for writing right now.

As shown by the (equally) bad mobile snap, chaos has taken over.

This is, for those that were wondering, why there was no Writers Tea and Chat held at my place this Tuesday. Nor will there be one next Tuesday. There will be a Sunday writers but I’m not hosting that.

I’m looking forward to this being over not just because it will look great but also because disruption is less fun as you get older.

Praise where due

Being less than 100% able bodied – my spine has funny ideas about how much work it should be doing – I have been dependant on friends to help me. It turns out I have amazing friends.

I would embarrass my wonderful helpers by calling them out by name but I don’t want to put them off. After all, they are doing an amazing job whereas I am mostly in the way.

Suffice it to say my friends are all awesome.

The next round of chaos is due to begin shortly. I’d better put the kettle on (not to mention wake up, as I wrote this last night when I could not sleep). If you are int he area, pop over – an extra pair of hands can always be put to work.


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