Social Media Master Plan for Writers and Authors

I am currently working on a report called “Social Media Master Plan for Writers and Authors” which will help you to learn how to promote your books on social media without appearing desperate.

The report will be available for purchase but will also be included free as part of the Assisted Author Blogs Program on Author Buzz.

I will probably not publish an update to any of the active story projects until this report is finished. After the report is finished, however, there will be several story updates at once.

The reported started life as a list of really bad habits that I see a lot of authors engage in on Twitter and Facebook. It grew, though, into a plan for an article about how to present yourself as an author in a better light. Finally, as I was putting the finishing touches to the Assisted Author Blogs program’s feature list, I knew that there needed to be a collection of reports to teach our members how to be better at selling online. After all, the point of the assisted author blogs program is to help authors sell more books. The same objective as Author Buzz itself.

What is in the Social Media Master Plan for Writers and Authors?

The report looks at two very important areas of social media for authors – common mistakes and how to avoid them; and how to build an effective set of goals and achieve them.

Some of the topic areas that we will look at are

  • How not to “do” social media
  • The worst mistake authors make on social media
  • Putting off readers by appearing desperate and needy
  • How to construct goals and achieve them
  • Specific approaches and techniques for leading social media sites
  • What sells books on social media (and what does not)
  • How to get a lot of people interested in your books
  • Less is more: How to promote less and sell more as a result

In just a few days, you should be able to take what you learn in the report and put it into action and obtain measurable improvements to your book sales.

Want to read Social Media Master Plan for Writers and Authors?

Do you want to read my Social Media Master Plan for Writers and Authors? I will be announcing the launch of the report as a download here on my blog.

I will give a few lucky readers a free copy of the report. This will be limited to the first few hours after the announcement is made.

To get alerted when the report is available and be in with a chance to be one of the lucky few who get a free copy, all you need to do is subscribe to get updates.

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