5 writer’s blogs you should definitely read

I don’t know about you but writers that write about themselves all the time really turn me off. I am trying my best not to do that. Instead, I’d like to share some other blogs that are worth your time.

Some, but not all, of these recommendations are found on Thanet Writers’ Blogs. They are all blogs that I have enjoyed reading. I hope you will enjoy them too.

Matthew Munson

Matthew Munson is the author of two books and also a genuinely lovely person. His blog covers a lot of topics and occasionally has some very strong fiction too. For example, “Living in a small town world” is a story worth a read.

I can also highly recommend “A stitch in time“. Despite the slightly cheesy overused title, this is a great short story. Honestly. Read it. You will not be sorry.

The Joy of Words

Jess Joy, The Joy of Words is a blog by a writer called Jess Joy. Her most recent post is titled “Derailed“. She has some really good short form fiction on her blog. You will not regret taking a look.

Neil Gaiman

If you like to read or if you write and you do not at least sometimes visit Mr Gaiman’s website then you are doing it wrong. Seriously, everything this gentleman puts out is a world class demonstration of great writing. They say that it is a bad idea to meet your heroes. In Neil Gaiman’s case, there is not much chance of my being invited to have a cuppa with him. But I hope that if I ever get to encounter Neil Gaiman in real life he is at least somewhat as a pleasure to talk to as he is to read.

For example, Neil says “all books have genders“. After reading that I find it hard to disagree.

Remember that I said that if you were a writer, then you need to read his blog. He has advice for writers on his site. He also has a Tumblr blog.

Max Barry

I can’t remember when I first discovered this author but a game he wrote (Nation States) led to my buying a copy of Jeniffer Government (which is amazing and a must-read by the way). He writes here and is most certainly worth following.

Also, this is pretty much what it feels like to be a writer.

Kentish Rambler

Kentish Rambler is a blog by a person from Kent. Which is where I am from too. It is a mix of beautiful pictures taken from around Kent and charming short fiction. I am not really sure what else I can say without spoiling the joy of discovering this blog for yourself. Go and read it right now.

Over to you

If you have read and enjoyed this blog post then you are probably the kind of person, like me, who loves to read the blogs of talented writers and poets. So now I turn the mic over to you. What sites or blogs by writers can you recommend to me?


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