When I actually publish my posts

I have such a bad habit of writing posts but then I do not publish my posts. It might have seemed like this blog went dark and I stopped writing. What actually happened was I sucked at feeling ready to publish.

My problem is that I don’t want to embarrass myself by releasing half-arsed content and so spend forever “working” on rather than releasing stuff. That is something of a double standard given I penned the Thanet Creative post about not letting Imposter Syndrome stop you.

Publishing my posts

So here is the fix. Project “Matt gets his arse in gear” will, in the run up to NaNoWriMo, be me, just getting stuff out the door that has been ready for weeks (or months in some cases).

I don’t just mean here. On my Tumblr blogs, I have the exact same problem. (And on Author Buzz UK too).

Call me out on it if I look like I stalled before November started. (During November all bets are off).

Why now?

I only realised how many drafts I have when I wrote a post to deliberately put into drafts for if/when I am ready to release a bunch of premium RPG content.

Coming up are a few joke posts about games, several TPK posts, and an assortment of other stuff.

The entire archive of LordMatt.co.uk and ThanetStar.com can be considered a meta-level of draft (in that I need to import them and start using those domains again.

An unrelated Tumblr post of mine…

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