Clay Mouse

Back in September, I hit the grand old age of 42. So, of course, I had to have a Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy birthday party.

As a set piece for the table I decided to make Frankie and Benjy mouse in a  terrarium. I had planned to use toy white mice but when I could not find any, I made one.

I only had time for one mouse but I did share the creative process with Tumblr. Now, thanks to the new UI, I can share them here too.

Stage one photos

This is the result of stage one. Frankie looks like he might have had a little bit of rat in his ancestry but otherwise I was quite pleased with the result.

Stage two photos

Stage two was painting the mouse (once it was dry). I rebuilt the tail five times before these photographs were taken.

Overall, a most pleasing outcome.

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