Not writer’s block

I would like to blame writer’s block for my lack of productivity. It would be so easy. That is not the case though.

Mostly, I think I’ve just been distracted.

What am I distracted by?

Some of the things I have been distracted by include the new WordPress editor – Gutenberg, pain (so much physical pain), and Pokemon Go.

I’ve also been distracted by a bunch of new Tumblr blogs. You probably don’t know this about me because I’ve never talked about it – not even when the blog was called “The Fantastic Site of Lord Matt” – but I have a bit of a Tumblr habit. 

I like to try out ideas and see what flies. Tumblr is good because you can experiment with starting things. You can rapidly iterate through content experiments.

My most recent experiment (with my name to it) is called The Amused Geek. I’m mentioning it now because I have just seen that there is a block for embedding Tumblr stuff and I really want to play with it. Here is a post I shared (reblogged) lately.

Okay, wow. This is cool.

No seriously, WordPress – you have outdone yourself.

Also I may start encouraging our network bloggers to report in from Tumblr a whole load now.

What else can I embed?

There is a facebook and a Twitter embed block in here. Of course, there is. Why do those two networks get all the love? You know what? I don’t care. I’m having fun.

Whatever this is, this distraction is not writer’s block.

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