I like Fallout 76

I know Fallout 76 received poor reviews but I really like it.

One of the criticisms is that there are no NPCs. Thus there are no characters presented that you can become emotionally invested in.

I disagree.

You arrive in the wasteland only to discover that everyone is dead. Exploring what killed them is the story. It is their story, albeit a tragedy. A tale you go into witht he foreknowledge that there is no happy ending.

For me, Fallout 76 is an interesting exploration of a storytelling technique. A mix of archaeology, history, and wasteland survival.

Yes, it has been buggy. They developers are working on that. It was buggy during the Beta – I just think of my game play time as Beta testing. I’m enjoying the beta test so far.

What really makes the game for me, though, is working through the quests with friends. As an online game, it is largely a social experience. Without that cooperation you might as well be playing yet another solo game. I can always switch to Skyrim if that is what I want.

Then again, wandering arround after the world has ended and looking through the stuff of the people there were here before me, is my idea of a fun game play experience. Honestly, so my stories I have cooked up over the years started with imagining what that would be like.

Maybe that is why my beta readers are still waiting for the rest of last year’s NaNoWriMo (the post 60k part). Sorry folks. New game. There are three more chapters to go. I will get them to you… Eventually.

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