New year, new me? I don’t think so.

As soon as the new year arrives it seems half the world posts up a “new year, new me” status update. By the time you reach thirty, will you have been thirty different people. Of course not, just one person who still has no idea who they are.

I am already happy with who I am. I want to enhance that, of course I do. But new me – no thanks. I like myself already.

If you do not feel that you like you, then of course make sweeping changes – become a person you can like. Don’t wait for January to roll around again, just do that right now.

A new regeneration is simply just not the plot I need for this next chapter of my life. That said, a little character development would not be amiss.

Crazy goals for the year ahead

I wrote before about my crazy goals. The headline here is that I want to earn my living as a writer despite the fact that it is hard to do and most people never make it.

If I want to do what few people have done before, I need to aim high and fail often.

To do that I need only three things in my life.

Regular time to analyse what other people do when they fail

You can learn a lot from failures. Your own and other people’s. Failing quickly and consistently is often cited as the path to success.

Step one of my crazy goal is to find examples of what others are doing yet failing to achieve what I aim for.

Examine what sets the successes apart

Modelling the behaviour of success – especially when you have identified what leads to failure can, in itself, lead to success. So I need to look to successful British authors (and other successful authors) and figure out what they are doing right.

Try it out for myself

There can be no success without action. I need to do stuff.

Right now, my plan is to write about whatever I learn and share it. When and if I learn something I can implement, then I will try to document my success or failure in that too.

And now I must begin.

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