Obligitory Christmas Post

It is that time of year again when all bloggers everywhere try to write a cheerful seasonal message regardless of the usual topic. This one is mine.

While I have obviously written this humbug of a post on a non festive day, I nevertheless truly hope that you are happy, safe, and warm wherever you are reading this.

Hard to stay cheerful

It is hard to think happy festive thoughts when the truth is a lot of people are not happy, safe, or warm. The BBC tells us that 130,000 children across Great Britain will spend Christmas in temporary accommodation. I cannot even get my head arround how one of the 8 richest countries in the world could let things get so bad.

Then there is this Brexit mess. Regardless of where you stand on the leave-remain spectrum, most people agree Brexit has been bungled. Right now we are facing the possibility of being stubbornly forced into the worst possible deal (the no deal Brexit) or get a second referendum. At least another vote might actually give the government options.

Meanwhile things are getting expensive for no good reason.

So, yeah, happy whatever…

All one can really say is, try to be happy and be kind to each other. The world could use a little more kindness right now.

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