On cats, not writing, and other distractions

Now that the blog is back (to stay) I feel like I can get back to writing. It feels good.

I’ve promised the readers of the dev blog (both of them) a full explanation of what has been going on. I’m still figuring out how to word that one.

Meanwhile Molly, my cat, is recovering from sudden weight loss due, to reasons known only to her, her refusal to eat food she has not demanded and received when she demanded it. Cats – the number one reason more books are not written.

Talking of cats, “that cat” and the book she appears in are about one week of uninterrupted work away from a final draft. Another work also featuring cats (and owls, ravens, and undead) is two days work from a final draft. Much to the annoyance of my beta readers who want to see the last two chapters.

If this blog post is any indication, I am at least writing again. So hope springs eternal…

In other news, I have been playing Fallout 76, so expect me to talk about that at some point. Or not. It rather depends on if I have anything interesting to say on the subject.

Lastly, (because I have not said it enough), Danny – you are a star, mate.

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