I wish I were organised

I am not the least bit organised. I wish I were but I am not.

Part of that is dyspraxia. Part is dyslexia. Some is the pain I live with. It is still my fault – or at least I am the only one that can do anything which is pretty much the same thing. 

The simple truth is that I am a naturally disorganised person. My writing workflow is set up to try and make the most of this. Sometimes this works.

Why not get organised?

It seems so simple right. Get organised. Make a list and stick to it. 

Lists do not work for me. I get distracted by the list and nothing gets done.

If it were a simple case of “get organised” then I would have done that a long time ago. Right now I would be running the world (or my small part of it).

A lot of self-help articles boil down to “hang out with organised people” and “get on with stuff”. Neither are particularly helpful because “getting on with stuff” is what I need help doing to start with.


One thing I am trying to do is declutter my todo “list”. It is not an actual list. It is a heap of things that need doing. Some of it is clustered into folders (like my ongoing battle with too many drafts not enough posts).

What I am trying to do is just “get stuff off my desk”.

Work in bursts

I work well in intense bursts. Often, I sit down and write a week’s worth of blogging in a single sitting. There are Tumblr blogs that I update once a month and share a month’s worth of stuff all at once.

That’s why more novel drafts get written by me during NaNoWriMo than any other time. I work well in bursts.

Learn how to edit

I’m pretty sure that I am clueless about editing my work. In my “big blob of todo” that pasts for my “list” is “learn to edit”.

My process is messy

I’ve written for Thanet Creative about embracing necessary mess. Mess is my process. I think what I need to do is just roll with it.

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