Projects I should really get on with

Going through my drafts has made me realise just how many projects I have started but not finished. This post, as much as nag at myself as any real content, is my attempt to list some of them.

Plot-lines the card game

Plot-lines the storytelling card game

About three months ago, I announced Plot-lines. Yeah, three whole months. 

Plot-lines is a card game where you cooperate to tell a story but with a secret agenda.

What’s left?

The only thing stopping a play test of the game is me getting round to writing a few more ideas down. No really. That is all I need to do.

At some point, I close the file and then other stuff demanded my attention.

My novel

Chimpanzee seated at typewriter

This is something I keep coming back to. When I work on it, this is generally a sign that I am work focused and getting stuff done.

I am rather excited to get this finished and into the hands of beta readers (and then editors or agents).

I’d like to create a Plot-lines expansion based on the setting.

What’s left to do?

Writing, rewriting, editing, and more rewriting. A novel is never finished.

There are a handful of chapters I am unhappy with and a couple towards the end that are little more than plot notes. When those are done, and every chapter has been revised at least once, it will be time for the beta readers.

Importing over ten year’s worth of archives


My old blog system carries well over ten years of archives. I really should get round to importing that stuff.

What’s left to do?

I have made two attempts to write a plugin to handle the import process. I have the logic figured out but the learning curve plus other demands have kept me from this project. 

Also there is no deadline.

I do not work well without a deadline.

Hotel website


Some friends of mine run a hotel. I’ve been consulting as an SEO in my spare time. There is a pile of notes sitting in my “to be written” folder about copy I need to draft up.

I feel really guilty about this because it has been there a good few weeks now.

What’s left to do?

This is just a case of my famous lack of focus combined with my need to get things finished and off my desk so I can focus. I’m pretty sure this confession is going to result in a completely justified nag from my friends. I am on it… Honest.

S3: Mad Science setting

I announced S3 a long time ago. It even has its own category – that’s how much of a big deal I expected it to be. 

What’s left to do?

This one is not so much a “shame on me moment. There is a lot of work o be done to make this a fun game to play. There is a whole tech-tree of items and stuff that need to be carefully created and reviewed.

What this project needs is me working on my novel (for material) and clearing my desk of other tasks.

The only sensible action at this stage is to put it on the back burner until I get some other stuff out of the way. Like, for example, consulting I’ve been doing for friends.

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