Warning: Controversial post

They say that posting something controversial is good for readership figures. I don’t know how true that is but here, for your reading pleasure, is my controversial opinion.

Controversial: I loved all the Star Wars films

Science Fiction Space ShipYes, I loved the original trilogy, but I also loved the prequels and the new Disney ones. Even The Last Jedi. Even as a child I was starting to see how Star Wars was an example of bad storytelling. Go watch Episodes 1, 2 and 3, if you have any doubts on that point.

The thing is though, I know that Star Wars is bad storytelling. Maybe I have always known it. Even so, I love it anyway. I always have.

For added controversy, or maybe just to be mean to purists – that picture has nothing to do with Star Wars. Deal with it.

Controversial: There is only one right way to make tea

tea cup and pensDamn it, I like a good cup of tea. You cannot escape that fact if you read my work – characters drink tea so often.

What really gets me annoyed are people who don’t give the teabag time to turn the water into tea before they dump the milk in there.

Milk goes in when just before you drink the tea. Long after the leaves (bag or strainer) have been removed from the picture.

And just a tiny drop of milk. Do not drown my tea.

How hard is it to get right?

Controversial: Brexit is a bad idea

A few days ago I wrote a post for Author Buzz about how Brexit might be ad news for UK publishing. I’m pretty sure that this is true for every industry in the country.

Brexit may be bad for authors

What country in its right mind pulls out of the largest market segment without a plan already in place to replace it? The whole thing is madness. Brexit is a bad idea.

Controversial: Facebook is overrated

The Garbage Waste Management Waste Society Landfill

I think Facebook is overrated. Don’t get me wrong, these days I get more traffic from the book of face than I do from Google n almost all my projects. Well, some of them anyway.

The problem is that without taking hours to hide, mute, silence, block, and follow carefully all you see is junk. Facebook’s algorithm for what they show me is broken. Well, broken for me. I’m sure they make a lot of money out of it.

The only thing Facebook is good for is chatting with people. Facebook makes a reasonable VoIP phone, and it is good for organising parties but it is pretty much dead for anything else.

Most of what you see on Facebook is fake news, scams, clickbate of almost no value, and angry people who want to defend Brexit without any reason to offer me why they could remotely be right.

Facebook is dead.

Controversial: This girl has nothing to do with this post

stockingsThe girl you saw at the top of this page is irrelevant to this post. Other than the meta-controversy of this one point, she serves no purpose for this blog post.

If you came to this blog post hoping to see pretty ladies, you were duped. Feel free to shout angrily about this blog post on Twitter.

Honestly, she is just here to prove my point about Facebook. I imagine that I’ll pick up a few likes and maybe a share based on her legs.

Yes, I know that is cheating. Deal with it.

What are your controversial opinions?

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