What do I want to do most?

What do I want? Answering that question is the key to targetting your life on what you want out of it. We call that success.

One of the questions we raised on Author Buzz recently was “who is going to miss you when you are gone?“.

Good question.

My answer, for me, is that I want the people who enjoy my content to miss me. When I exit this planet, I want to have made an impact. That’s what my crazy goals are all about.

Thanet Creative’s calendar of the blogging week says that today is Shrove Tuesday, a day of indulgence before a period of fasting. What better time than this to take a slightly indulgent look at what I want?

Leaving behind ideas that will outlast me

This is the goal that almost all of the things that I want to do point towards. What do I want to do? If, given the choice, I would prefer to make content: Video, audio, RPG system, guides, blog, story, novel, code, game, art – all of it, content. As I said before, I need to write.

I am a person that makes content. The problem is that the content that pays is content that matters to other people and not to me.

I struggle – really, really struggle – to stay motivated to make that content.

What do I do that I don’t want to?

In order to make more time to do what I want to do, I need to spend less time doing things that I do not want to do. So what do I not like doing?

Socialising too much

ThunderI am an introvert. That means I get charged up being alone with my thoughts. It also means that time with other people is draining. Rewarding on the whole, but draining.

I am pretty fortunate in that I have friends that seem to understand my introversion. On the whole.

My problem is that the world is run by extroverts (or possibly idiots, I’m not entirely sure). There are times – half-term, seasonal holidays, things like that – where it all piles on together. Suddenly I go from a sedate, productive, schedule right slap bang into hectic non-stop social interactions.

The calm sky of my life is filled with the storm clouds of too much social interaction. When the storms pass – and they do – all my productive momentum is gone.

I have no idea what to do about that.

Socialising too little

droughtOn the other side of the scale, without any social interaction, I grind to a halt because I have too little stimulation to inspire me. It turns out I need a little chaos in my life.

Socialising, for me, is like rain. Too much and I drown but too little and I dry out.

Life, you see, does not provide you with a steady stream of social interactions. There are forces at work (such as the social norm of sleeping at night, partying at weekends, and seasonal holidays) that mean social interaction tends to come in waves.

What I need, perhaps, is a regulator valve.

What do I want most?

What I want to do most, I think, is this: I want to discover the secret of maintaining creative momentum despite the changeable nature of the outside world. That, or be able to afford an assistant to regulate my social time for me.

That was not anywhere close to where I thought this post was going but it went there anyway.

What do you want most?

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