What to do with a rusty lock?

What can you do with a rusty lock? If you are a writer, almost anything.

At a local writers’ gathering this week, a friend challenged us all to take an item home and use this item as the foundation for a story. I chose a rusty lock.

Now, of course, I have to put my money where my mouth is and write a story. There are six days remaining for me to come up with a minor epic.

I would like to explain not only why the lock is rusted and how it is significant but what happened prior to the rust. Google has been far more boring than usual. All my searches have resulted in results that are far too practical for me. You know, useful stuff like how to deal with a rusty lock, how to get the rust off, and so forth.

So I am going to go away and decide if I am writing “magic and fantasy”, “science and adventure”, or a horror story.

Until then I have a rusty lock to look at.

What would you do with a rusty lock?

rusty lock

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