A huge (fake) diamond

Sometimes, just for a laugh, an evil GM likes to mess with player’s loot expectations. This is an example of one such nasty trick.

This is a TPK post by Matthew the Evil GM. This encounter is designed to expose players to a risk of a dead character. TPK posts are partly generated and may not be the same the next time you refresh the page. The specifics are generated from your data and a seed. If you want to see changes, give the TPK a shuffle.

Item description

You find a large flawless diamond (7,000 GP).

Appraisal Check

A DC 17 Appraisal Check will reveal that this is a fake made of cut glass having a value of 3 GP. A failed roll (tell the player it was a pass) values the gem at over 7,000 GP based on the size and cut.

Selling it in a shop

Any NPC shop keeper willing to move that level of valuable will instantly spot that it is a fake and aggressively accuse the PCs of trying to pull a fast one.

I suggest allowing the players to try and talk their way out of the situation before allowing them to make a persuasion check. If you are feeling kind, you might allow the NPC to relent and allow them to go but the NPC should act distrustingly towards the PCs for a while.

Other uses…

If the players are open to a little skullduggery, there might be a plot thread for a scam or a heist here.

Party Best Values

Character Stats

STR (0)
DEX (0)
CON (0)
INT (0)
WIS (0)
CHA (0)

Other Stats

Best AC
party size

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