Cursed ring of gender change

Sometimes, just for a laugh, an evil GM likes to mess with player’s characters and nothing does that quite like a cursed ring of gender change. Maybe there is a treasure grabbing munchkin that needs to learn a lesson, or perhaps you just want to lighten the mood. Whatever your reason for adding this to a loot drop, I bet it results in a lot of amusing character development.

Ring of What Now?

You find a gold ring inset with emeralds and onyx – a strange combination that nevertheless somehow works. The ring feels warm to the touch and has a faint glow.

Detect Magic (any DC)

Oh, yes. This ring is teeming with magic. [Aura: strong transmutation]

Appraise (Any DC)

The appears to be a unique item of protection, disguise, and charm. It is a ring of natural armour +5 and Charisma +2 which also includes the following at will magical abilities:

  • Disguise self 2/day
  • Polymorph self 1/day
  • Protection from scrying*

* This is just not true. It looks like it does this but, no, it does not.

GM’s secret knowledge

Do not tell the players about the following caveats.

Once a player has equipped the ring, it is activated and cannot be removed. Until they sleep, the creature gains +5 to natural armour and a +2 bonus to Charisma. The “disguise self” and “polymorph self” effects are only available for as long as the +5 AC effect is present. Both effects last no more than 1d6 rounds.

PC puts on the ring

The ring fits easily on your finger. Your skin instantly feels tougher and your personality feels brighter. Treat the +2 charisma bonus as a temporary modifier for the first 24 hours.

PC tries to remove the ring

You tug as hard as you can at the ring but it seems to have bonded to your finger. No matter what you do, the ring will not come off.

Cursed ring of gender change

stockingsWhen they sleep, the true effect of the ring makes itself known, replacing the +5 AC (and all other effects except the Charisma bonus which increases to +3). The character is transformed as if they had willingly consumed an Elixir of Sex Shifting choosing sexual characteristics that they would find appealing. Naturally genderless creatures instead find that the ring has rejected them and falls off while they slept, after which they cannot wear it.

Any creature of the wearer’s original gender that comes within a thirty-foot radius of the wearer must make a will save or become entranced by the wearer. Creatures with fewer than 3 HD and creatures with an intelligence modifier of -2 or lower get no save and will relentlessly attempt to mate with the wearer. Creatures with -1 or greater intelligence modifier, must make a will save of 12 plus the wearer’s charisma modifier or become compelled as if by the GEAS spell (CL15) to pursue a romance with the wearer.

At every available opportunity, you should play these effects for maximum comedy (and player irritation) value.

For extra evil GM points, have a small army of deeply unattractive NPCs to hand. Consider having some orcs ready who will try to kidnap the PC. Not to mention some dogs, ferrets, and skunks that might be feeling amorous towards the PC’s legs. This is a curse – make sure removing it becomes the player’s top priority.

Several small birds, many butterflies, and an army of cute little mice flock to you. At first, you find this charming but you quickly realise that these creatures are simply trying to mate with you. A small dog runs up and starts humping your leg.

Once activated, the ring (and curse) can be removed only by means of a remove curse spell, a wish, or a miracle. If the ring is removed, the geas effect afflicting other creatures ends after 2d6 days.

Have you used this item in a game?

If you use this item (or some variant of it) in a game I would love to hear about that. How did the players react? Did hilarity ensue and – very importantly – did you take every opportunity to really mess with your poor player.

I want to hear the full story. Use the comments to share the time you forced a temporary change on one of your players. (It was only temporary, right?)

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