Saying this just proves you knew better

From time to time I post something that someone somewhere finds controversial. Most of the time the comments that result are respectful and usually interesting.

Then there are the trolls.

They can be identified by their need to just keep banging on about how right they are and wrong I am.

I don’t mind people disagreeing with me. In fact, I find alternative opinions very stimulating. However, comments that angry, aggressive, and rude are not included in this. Rudeness helps no one.

These trolls figure out that unpleasant comments that add nothing to the conversation do not get published. They may also notice that the source of such comments may have been blocked.

Funnily enough “a new commenter” joins in at arround this time. Which is when I usually see this phrase:

If you block me it just proves that I am right.

— Angry stupid troll

I can assure you this is not the case. It tells me that you are the same person with a new name. It proves that you know that you are misbehaving but you lack the maturity or self-control to stop yourself being a dick. It also proves that you lack not only good manners but anything worthwhile to say.

Calm down. Think about the fact that there is a human being on the other end of your rant and remember that this is a conversation and not a war.

Also remember that when you behave like this, the person you are attacking thinks of you like this:

Chimpanzee seated at typewriter
An internet troll in their partents’ basement.

Trolls are only welcome as things for low level characters to stab with swords. They are not appropriate for blogs, forums, or social media.

Alternatively, keep going so I can block all your alters in one go.

Only good in RPG encounters

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