Where happiness comes from

I believe happiness is no secret. I truly believe that unhappiness – a lack of joy – is rooted in unrealistic expectations born of lies we have accepted as truth.

Mostly the lie is that happiness – that is a life of joy – is something to be found or given. It is not. Happiness is solely one’s own responsibility. Happiness, self-confidence, or peace that comes only from others – from outside – is fake. A joy (fake joy) that only comes from other people is like a drug. It touches us in the same place but much more intensely. Just like a drug, though, fake joy is fleeting. That drug-seeking behaviour only damages yourself and others.

We are each responsible for our own happiness. I believe that most of what is wrong with the world is a failure to understand this one simple truth.

When contentment with life is hidden within and under our control alone no one can take it from you. The storms of life cannot rob you of joy. The actions of others cannot crush your confidence. War cannot take your peace.

Life may be good or bad. Some days will be better than others. Some days will be greater than you could have hoped; this will not increase happiness. Some days may be dark and terrible beyond imagining; those days will not decrease joy.

That’s what I want in life – joy no one can take away.

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